19 November 2008

Carabiner development

The aim of this blog is to document and discuss developments in rock climbing equipment. The diversity and ingenuity shown in rock climbing equipment reflects the creativity and drive of the climbers and engineers that are constantly trying to improve the climbing process. By making equipment safer, lighter and easier to use, they are helping to make climbing more enjoyable whilst also enabling climbers to achieve more and more difficult and spectacular routes.

By following and discussing technological developments I hope to encourage interest in the equipment - in particular the techincal aspects from an engineering/design perspective.

The short video clip below is a brief summary describing research into the possibility of creating a lightweight composite carabiner. The full details of this research are available on the main Carabiner development website.


If you are from a gear company and you have a new rock climbing related product coming out I would be happy to receive design and development info, technical info, press info, presentation slides, manufacturing info, testing videos or any other related information. I am also interested in design, development, manufacturing and testing info on older products.

If you are an individual and have found an interesting article online or in a magazine that relates to rock climbing technology developments I'd be most grateful to hear from you.