10 April 2009

Homemade Cam World Cup

Rockclimbing.com ran a homemade cam competition with some interesting submissions. Points were given for Strength, Expansion Range and Weight, as well as 'Hand Tools Only', Bling and 'Cannibalized Parts'.

Image from rockclimbing.com

The cam above has epoxy lobes (correction)* and held 7.4 kN. Also, check out the spider detail in the lobes. *The lobes are in fact aluminium - I mistoke the referrence to an epoxy part of Kenn's Cam as relating to the lobes of the above cam.


Anonymous said...

Cam lobes are made of water cut aluminium sheets, as I read in the attached rockclimbing link site .
So, which is the epoxy cammed friend you are talking about?



Virgil said...

You're correct. My mistake - epoxy was mentioned in the design of the cable of Kenn's Cam and I mistook that as referring to the anodized lobes of Rschap's cam. Thanks for the correction.

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