2 June 2013

The anti cam by Matt Maddaloni - cam for large detached flakes

Matt Maddaloni designed and built an ingenious anti-cam in 2010. The anti-cam is designed to attach to large flakes by gripping to only the two sides of the flake itself (as opposed to the inside of the flake and wall). He documents some of the process on the rockclimbing forums

Image from  Matt Maddaloni  on rockclimbing forums 

There's also some vimeo clips of the process and of the antic-cam in use:

The Season Episode 9 from Duct Tape Then Beer on Vimeo.

The Season Episode 15 from Duct Tape Then Beer on Vimeo.

Other parts: http://vimeo.com/11641154 and http://vimeo.com/11745783

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