20 July 2013

New DMM gear: Thor carabiner with 11kN open gate strength, Rhino belay carabiner with 'horn'

DMM have announced a few new products at the OutDoor Friedrichshafen trade show in Germany. First, the Thor carabiner - a crab with 11 kN open gate strength and extra material in the high wear areas (where the rope runs and the bolt or gear touches). It weighs in at 36g, so a touch heavier than the Spectre 2 (33g) or Alpha Trad (34g). Although ideally the gate should stay closed when climbing, some may find it reassuring for their carabiners to be strong enough to hold a large fall even if the gate were to come open.

Image from DMM

Another new carabiner is the Rhino belay screwgate. This interesting looking crab has a 'horn' which they say "prevents assisted locking belay devices rotating off the top bar and on to the spine reducing the risk of cross loading, it also works well with selected DMM pulleys".

Image from DMM

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